Published: 20th February 2012
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Do you have any old analog audio or video laying around just since you canít turn them into digital? Then EasyCAP DC60 is all you need. This is the best device which you can use to copy old video or audio information into your PC. This will allow you to create your own movies, which you can easily Reveal with family and friends on DVD, the World-wide-web or even mobile devices.

Easycap adapter is a basic device which connects directly into the source device e.g. a VCR, and then into a USB 2.0 port on your PC. This means that you do not need a sound card for you to switch material from source to vacation spot. Easycap adapter happens designed with a USB port/box which is attached to several cable televisions/connections. Among the connections are three RCA connections, also known as phono plugs or phono connections, which can be easily recognized by their yellow, red and white colors. The white cable television is for analog audio input for the left manner (mono), red is for analog audio output for the right procedure and the yellow one is for RCA composite (analog video) input. The cables available may vary from one device series to another. For example the Easycap DC60 has four cable televisions, three of which have been mentioned above. The forth cable TV is for S-video (separate/super video), is black in color and is used to relay high quality video.

Easycap DC60 can transfer analog audio and video from a wide range of formats. This includes VCR, VHS, DV, TV, PSP, security cameras with RCA cables, an analog cam corder etc. Any data in an old tape in any of these devices can be transferred as a result of Easycap into a PC working with available video capturing and editing software. The resulting digital data can then be registered into various formats together with DVD video, DVD+/-VR and DVD+/-R/RW.

When you buy Easycap, it can come with a set up guide and some drivers/software in the same package. The drivers are used to connect the device with your PC so that conversation can be easily established to facilitate transfer of data. The procedure for installing Easycap drivers indicates that you unplug your device before you begin. After installing the drivers, reboot your PC and then connect the Easycap device. The computer will then perform added configurations before you can be able to use your device. Easycap drivers for each device series can be downloaded from the provider's web site.

Video software is also needed for capturing, modifying, rendering of movies and audio working with Easycap. Ulead is the suggested video modifying software, which is easy to use and supports a variety of operating systems. It usually can come in CD when you purchase the Easycap adapter.

One unique feature about Easycap is its speed in rendering video. It is so fast it can be used for real-time video performance. With Easycap 4ch USB DVR, you can connect up to four safety cameras to output in four divided screens on your computer or laptop. It also has audio capacity, can record directly into the hard disk and it has motion sensor capability for triggering the make someone's hair curl. It can even send an email with the motion pictures, all which makes it a comprehensive safety system.

Other available device designs include Easycap DC60+, Easycap002 External DVR, EzCap USB Video Grabber, Mini Digital TV sticker and HDTV USB DVB-T.

David D. Ashby who lives in Amelia, Ohio who works as a Leasing Consultant in Star Interior Design Company and also an active free lance writer online provides a new articles about EasyCAP where he provides the consumer a procedures overview about this device and together with the EasyCAP DC60 version.


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